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Keeping Up with the Joneses?

b2ap3_thumbnail_keeping-up-with-the-joneses-image1.jpgWhen was the last time you found yourself looking in your neighbor’s direction and thinking you needed to do something they just did?  Or did you hear your neighbor talk about the things he’s been told from someone about his finances and you think you need to do the same?  Are you buying a boat, but afraid of the water?  

There is a popular phrase, “Keeping up with the Joneses”, you have likely heard at one time or another.  It is great to be motivated or encouraged by others positive actions that can help us move forward in a positive direction for ourselves.  However, many times we hear advice or ideas we probably shouldn’t act on because it is specifically for them, not us. 

Unless you have been provided with all of the source documents and the knowledge or information which accompanies, you really don’t know as much as you think you do about your friend’s situation.  We like to think we know what is going on with someone’s life from one piece of information we hear or see.  But the reality is, we don’t.  And how different is the real story or truth from what we think and build up in our own mind all because of what we think.

This is such an important reason for families and individuals to seek professional, consistent, financial advice and guidance.  You need to work with someone who knows your entire picture and is aware of all the moving pieces and parts.  Your advisor will discuss important topics when the appropriate time comes.  Just like a dentist recommends braces or a cavity be filled, you wouldn’t do these things if you didn’t need them.  Are you able to trust your financial professional to guide you in the right direction?

We welcome an opportunity to show you what a financial advisor should be doing for you.  Please call us today at
847-934-7777 to schedule a free consultation that will ensure you’re on the right path for you!

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KFA Market Commentary

The investment committee here at Kabarec Financial Advisors (KFA) uses what is called a Top-Down Investment Approach to selecting the holdings within each of our investment portfolios.  So what is the definition of Top-Down Investing? 

This is an investment approach that involves looking at the "big picture" in the world economy, domestic economy, and financial markets then breaking those components down further into industry, sector, and finally specific companies. After looking at the big picture conditions around the world, the different sectors are analyzed in order to select those that are forecast to outperform in the current environment. From this point, the stocks of specific companies are further analyzed and those that are believed to be the best are chosen as portfolio investments.

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We’ll wash your windows, check your oil, tire pressure, and fill ‘er up…

Many people remember the Full-Service Gas Station experience.  As you pull on to the gas station lot and drive over the rope, the bell rings prompting a smiling b2ap3_thumbnail_Gas-Station_20140408-155801_1.jpgattendant to serve you.  The attendant would wash the windows, check the oil level and tire pressure, and pump gas into your car.  Many of the old commercials on television from companies like Texaco or Sinclair used language like “keeping your trust” and “trust is everything”.  Even the uniforms of a grey button up shirt, tie and hat showed pride in the service provided.  Now fast forward to today’s gas station experience… it is anything BUT full-service. 

Would you use the words “Full-Service” to describe your current Financial Advisor?

If you have ever contemplated working with a financial advisor, we would like to restore your trust and faith that there are still companies that show pride in the service they provide by the manner in which they work.  You may even be happy to hear that a financial advisor SHOULD be described as Full-Service.  There is a common misunderstanding that a Financial Advisor can only help you with your investments just like today’s gas station mainly provides fuel for your car. On the contrary, a Financial Advisor can provide many services that you may not be aware of.

Below is a short list of services a Full-Service Financial Advisory Firm like KFA offers:

  1. The ability to develop a financial plan, put the plan into motion, and monitor the plan so you can enjoy living life without worrying about tomorrow
  2. A network of professionals who can assist with very complex situations such as income tax, estate planning, property, life, health insurance, and banking
  3. Provide investment management based on your goals and objectives and tolerance for risk
  4. Show a willingness to answer any question that impacts your financial goals
  5. Share an excitement about reaching your goals and seeing you become successful
  6. Share a genuine concern about your situation without passing any judgment
  7. Have a desire to assist you in leaving a legacy to your next generation of heirs
  8. Look at your overall picture to make sure you have the right type and amount of insurance, beneficiaries, and informed individuals in place should a life changing event take place
  9. The willingness to help complete paperwork and make necessary phone calls due to an unexpected loss or change in circumstances
  10. Organize your financial life for you
  11. Extended family; You truly become part of our family

Maybe the most important quality is that you feel comfortable working with your advisor and will not hesitate to call or become anxious when it is time to schedule your checkup. 

Come visit our Full-Service firm to see how our services can help you.  If you or someone you know needs guidance from our professional team, please contact us at 847-934-7777 to schedule a free consultation today.

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Do You Prefer a Window or an Aisle Seat?

b2ap3_thumbnail_window-seat.jpgDo You Prefer a Window or an Aisle Seat?

You know that point in the flight after the pilot says flight attendants please prepare for landing, when everyone starts to look out the window to see the landscape from above, to gain a clearer view?  Regardless of whether you’re in a window or aisle seat you’ve probably found yourself trying to get a glimpse of what life looks like from above.  This is exactly what you should expect from your financial advisor.

As you are caught in the day-to-day of working hard to prepare for your future, someone should be managing the big picture to keep you on track for whether and when you’ll reach your destination. 

Here is a list of what you should expect from your financial advisor:

  1. Your advisor should serve as the pilot guiding you in the direction of your next move.  Regardless of turbulence in the world, s/he should still get you to your destination safely.  Aware of your goals, you can trust your advisor is on your team.
  2. You should not feel uncomfortable in the middle seat nor should you feel pushed into buying any specific products.  Although various insurance or investment products are necessary in your financial plan, your advisor should make recommendations on what you need.  S/he should offer to provide any additional resources for where to obtain these products, as needed.
  3. You should know what is going on in your financial plan.  It should not seem like a foreign language, but rather something you are a part of and understand.  A financial advisor should be able to provide the facts in the following areas:
    Insurance Planning Investment Management
    Tax Planning Financial Planning
    Estate Planning Education Planning
    Retirement Planning  
    There is not a one-size-fits-all recommendation in any of the above areas.  It is very important that you receive customized advice specific to your situation.  Seek qualified advice!
  4. When you work with a financial advisor you should feel like you are First Class.
  5. Just as the entire flight crew is important, so is your advisor’s team.  This support is important in completing the journey ahead.

Our team, here at Kabarec Financial Advisors, Ltd., feels it is crucial to provide our clients with quality service they can expect!  We strive to give every client a First Class experience.  If you or someone you know needs guidance from a professional, please contact us at 847-934-7777 to schedule an appointment today.

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