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By:  Lisa Thuer - Senior Trading and Research Specialist

No one ever wants to talk about the day your loved one passes away and what needs to be done when the day comes.  It is the “elephant in the room”. Everyone knows they will be faced with it one day, but how many times have we said “We will talk about it tomorrow”.  Then it happens, now what?? We never had“the talk”. What do I do? Who do I call? Is there a Trust? Is there a Will? Who are the beneficiaries? Who gets the house? What happens to the investments? Why did we not have “the talk”?

Make one phone call to Kabarec Financial Advisors, Ltd.; we should be the first call before you call an attorney.  We deal with these questions on a daily basis and will help you every step of the way. Our clients are not only our customers but they are part of our family. We know more about our clients than just their investments and will be able to guide you through this most difficult journey. The majority of the time we will know who the beneficiarie(s) are and who the successor trustee(s) are on the account(s). Once this is established, the rest is routine paperwork as long as we have a certified death certificate. If there is an investment, life insurance policy, etc. outside of our office, KFA will be able to point you in the right direction.

Throughout our relationships with clients, we have made it our priority to give clients piece of mind should something happen to them. We have as much information of their financial life that has been shared with us in confidence. Knowing our clients for their lifetimes, helps us in preparation for when something does happen, we are there for their family in any capacity that is needed. 

Some families may have “the talk” in preparation of the inevitable and some families may not. The time may have come too soon and there was not time for the discussion. In any event, please do not hesitate to make Kabarec Financial Advisors, Ltd. your first phone call when something does happen. We are also available should you need help in preparation of “the talk”, we can also assist with this difficult situation.


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