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Keeping Up with the Joneses?

b2ap3_thumbnail_keeping-up-with-the-joneses-image1.jpgWhen was the last time you found yourself looking in your neighbor’s direction and thinking you needed to do something they just did?  Or did you hear your neighbor talk about the things he’s been told from someone about his finances and you think you need to do the same?  Are you buying a boat, but afraid of the water?  

There is a popular phrase, “Keeping up with the Joneses”, you have likely heard at one time or another.  It is great to be motivated or encouraged by others positive actions that can help us move forward in a positive direction for ourselves.  However, many times we hear advice or ideas we probably shouldn’t act on because it is specifically for them, not us. 

Unless you have been provided with all of the source documents and the knowledge or information which accompanies, you really don’t know as much as you think you do about your friend’s situation.  We like to think we know what is going on with someone’s life from one piece of information we hear or see.  But the reality is, we don’t.  And how different is the real story or truth from what we think and build up in our own mind all because of what we think.

This is such an important reason for families and individuals to seek professional, consistent, financial advice and guidance.  You need to work with someone who knows your entire picture and is aware of all the moving pieces and parts.  Your advisor will discuss important topics when the appropriate time comes.  Just like a dentist recommends braces or a cavity be filled, you wouldn’t do these things if you didn’t need them.  Are you able to trust your financial professional to guide you in the right direction?

We welcome an opportunity to show you what a financial advisor should be doing for you.  Please call us today at
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